Pro Bono Implant Reconstruction: Faithe’s Story

Recently The Post newspaper published a feature about a pro bono treatment we were privileged to donate for a lady named Faithe in her journey to turn a difficult life around. The treatment was carried out in collaboration with the National Dental Foundation (charity foundation) and the generous support of Nobel Biocare, Envision Radiology, our friends Gabi and Ahmed (dental prosthetist and technician) and of course all our wonderful staff. The “All on Four method" implant surgery was observed by colleagues who are students of our Dental Implant Education & Training Program, and The Post’s photographer was there to capture the moment Faithe saw her smile for the first time.

Faithe’s Before and After results (Day 1 Surgery, Day 2 Try-in and Day 3 Fitting):

Faith All on Four B&A


EXCERPTS FROM THE ARTICLE (Article by Sarah McNeill, Post Newspapers)

10 August, 2013


Five years ago, Faithe lost most of her teeth after years of using pain killers following a horseriding accident. She then got very sick and a serious bout of vomiting further disintegrated her already soft and decaying teeth.

Without teeth Faithe lost confidence, suffered major anxiety and depression…

It was at that point that Faithe made a last ditch effort to do something positive and she wrote a letter…

She wrote about her very hard life (the accident was only a small part), about how she felt without teeth and she begged for help. And she sent the letter to a whole lot of cosmetic surgeons.

Lara Andrews from National Dental Foundation WA saw the letter and decided to help in some way.

The National Dental Foundation runs Dental Rescue Days and, with the support of some dentists, is able to coordinate “rescue” dental care for those in desperate financial need or in difficult circumstances, like people who are homeless, or those recovering or suffering from drug addiction.

Originally several surgeons were going to combine their skills for a simpler treatment, but when Subiaco dental surgeon Misagh Habibi met Faithe he offered to do the reconstructive surgery for no charge.

Dr Habibi restricts his practice to complex dental implant reconstructive and surgical dentistry for patients without teeth or for those with very advanced or hopeless dental disease. He has previously taken part in the National Dental Foundation’s Dental Rescue Days program, but wanted to bring the particular expertise of his practice, Perth Implant Surgical and Sedation Dentistry, to the table.

Dr Habibi, who runs a dental inplant training program for dentists, said: “Basically it’s a $60,000 treatment we carried out with the very generous support of a dental implant company, dental prosthetist and technician and my staff.”

The surgery was done last month with the help of 3-D medical imaging of Faithe’s face and jaw by Dr Bernard Koong from Envision Radiology Cambridge;

a dental prosthesis fabricated by Ahmed and Gabi, from Easy Denture Clinic in Mt Hawthorn; dental implants, abutments and implant components by Nobel Biocare, an implant company that pioneered the dental implant surgery and reconstruction techniques used for Faithe.

The “All-on-Four technique” uses four dental implants strategically  positioned in each jaw to support a full set of teeth.

“Treatment time and expertise, sedation drugs and all surgical requirements were given by me and my support staff of dental and medical nurses,” Dr Habibi said.

Faithe went through three days of treatment that involved extracting her remaining teeth and putting in dental implant placements to bypass the compromised jaw bone that had atrophied from previous tooth loss and disease, a “try-in” of the new teeth on to the dental implants and then the “final fitting”of the new teeth on to the dental implants.

POST photographer Paul McGovern was there to record the moment she could show off a perfect and beautiful smile.


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